The ‘Billy Basics: Accessories

Now, this isn’t exactly a hair tutorial but hair accessories are super important when it comes to styling! It can bring your entire outfit together to the next level and make you look that much cuter! The more handy thing with hair accessories, you can hide any areas that you need too! I still have troubles doing my gibson rolls, and one end is always way better than the other. Easy fix, put a flower clip on the ugly end and BAM! You look fantastic and nobody has to know what you’re covering up.

Flower Clip:

Pretty standard when it comes to vintage and rockabilly styles. You can purchase them at any store that sells hair accessories or purchase them online. If you are looking online, don’t forget to check out etsy! There are tons of fabulous accessories with the added bonus of supporting at home businesses! Here are some awesome etsy shops for flower clips: DollyDahlia, Lulugoesrockabilly and SplendidBee.

For my fellow crafters, here are two excellent tutorials:
DIY Flower Hair Clip Tutorial
25 DIY Hair Accessories


Hair Scarf / Bandana:

This is one of my favorites! All of my headscarves I purchase at thrift shops or the dollar store. All of the ones I’ve bought have been labeled as a “normal” scarf but whatever. I prefer the sheer, chiffon scarves but whatever you prefer! My favorite part of the scarf is that it doesn’t take any effort (in my opinion at least) and you can make even the “plainest” hairstyles look vintage and stylish. They also protect your pin curl sets when you are sleeping!

Here are some more etsy shops that have awesome scarves and bandanas: MissHapp and PinMeUpAccessories

Here is also a tutorial on How to fold your scarf effectively



I really love bows but I unfortunately lack them.. But I can guarantee that I will be making some / picking up some very soon! Like the flower clip, it can be used to hide any pins or spots you want to cover up. They are super cute and you can find them at any place that sells hair accessories. 

Some excellent shops that have super cute bows: DreamingOfBows, LikeAsteroids and TitasHidingPlace.

Some handy tutorials:

DIY Bow Hair Clip with Ribbon
DIY Bow clip with Fabric



Snoods are super simple to wear and are super great when you are having a bad hair day. It’s excellent when you don’t have any energy to do your hair or not enough time. Tuck your hair inside and pin in place and done. They make great evening and day looks and look great with other accessories combined with it.

Excellent Etsy shops: Rosemarysbabymek, ArtheliasAttic and VivaDulceMarina

For those of you who are crochet savvy: 1940 “Perky” snood, Crochet Snood, and Simple Snood Pattern


Hats (Pillbox, birdcage, Fascinator etc):

These are my absolute favourite hair accessories, ideal for dates, fancy occassions and anything black tie. All the hats that I have found in vintage stores or second hand have been rather expensive, but that won’t stop me. There is something so classy and elegant about these hats, I love them!

Excellent Stores: AgnesHart, PompandPlumage and PowderBlueBijoux.

For my crafties: Pillbow Hat , Birdcage Veil and Feather Fascinator


Of course these are not the only sort of accessories you can use! Be creative and get crafty! I found you lovelies enjoy these links, leave some love <3

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